Dog Walking

We provide dog walking when you are unable to, we pick them up and drop them off in our fully equipped pet taxi.

We are happy to walk your dog for you for whatever reason, whether it be that you work longs hours, find yourself away from home for long periods of time, want your dog to interact with others or maybe you can’t walk your dog due to health reasons.  We are here for you!

Exercise plays an important part in your dog’s life.  The Kennel Club recommends that adult dogs are to be walked for at least 30 – 40 minutes a day however our services are bespoke to each individual dog we care for including their age, breed and health. 

We offer group walks, puppy walks, solo walks and elderly walks. 

Dog / Puppy Daycare

(full & half days)

We provide dog & puppy daycare for when you are away from home, if you wish we pick them up and drop them off in our fully equipped pet taxi.

Our dog/puppy daycare is here for you whether you are you away most of the day at work, popping out with family and friends or if you need to aid their socialisation!

The daycare services are carried out in the comfort of our home, along with our furry friends and other client’s dogs or puppies.  We like to be as flexible as possible for all clients and their pets and therefore offer two options which are full & half days – full daycare is up to 7.5 hours typically starting from 09.00 whilst half daycare is up to 4 hours which can start in the morning or the afternoon.

We hold a 5 star licence under St. Albans City & District Council

Licence Number: LN/201900061

Dog Boarding

We offer the true alternative to dog boarding kennels, by providing a home from home holiday for your dog.

We are happy to care for your dog in our home whilst you are away, whether it be for an overnight stay, a long weekend or a couple of weeks.  We are here for you!

Our dog boarding service is preferred by most dog owners, accommodating all dogs of all ages including those that are scared of kennels or suffer from kennel stress symptoms.  Your dog will be welcomed into our home alongside our pets, offering a home from home environment so your dog is able to settle easily with all the home comforts they are used to.

We run trial nights for all dogs before the service commences, this is to ensure that your dog will be comfortable in our home and to also ensure there are no issues.  By completing trial nights your dog is able to familiarise themselves with our environment, us and our pets.

For added peace of mind we have Local Authority Dog Home Boarding Licenses which are required by Law, with suitable houses, gardens, training, protocol and risk assessments.

We hold a 5 star licence under St. Albans City & District Council

Licence Number: LN/201900061

Cat Care

We offer the true alternative to cattery’s, by providing a care for your cats in the comfort of your home.

Our cat care is ideal for all types of cats, from independent types that like to come and go as they please, to elderly cats that just want to sleep in their favourite spot and of course giving fuss and cuddles along the way.

The visits typically last between 20-30 minutes, including litter tray cleaning, feeding, changing water and giving affection. We can even cater for cats on medication including diabetic cats as we are fully trained in administering tablets and injections.  Should you have any special requests we can also accommodate these for you, just ask away!

We will also keep a good eye on your home ensuring that you can enjoy your holiday in peace.

Small Animal Care

We offer care for all kinds of small animals within the comfort of their own home, whether it be for the day whilst you are out or whilst you are away.

Our small animal care is for all small pets from rabbits, guinea pigs, birds to reptiles, fish, chickens and many more including small holdings.  Our services vary based on what type of small animal you have and what care they may need, we understand that no two animals are the same.

Within the 20-30 minute visit we will carry out feeding, changing water and giving affection as standard but should you require any other types of care, please just tell us and this will be included on the visit.  Should your pet have any allergies or illnesses we can assist with this also as we are fully trained in administering tablets and injections.

House Sitting

We provide a professional house sitting service to ensure your pets are comfortable in their own home whilst you are away.

We understand how many people consider their pets as part of the family, loving, caring and worrying about them as much as any other member of the family because of this going away and placing your pet into a boarding establishment can be difficult time for you and them.  Some pets also find being away from their owners extremely stressful causing them to be unhappy, that’s when our house sitting services come into play offering specialised care for your pets in your home giving you peace of mind.

A house sitter will live in your property to ensure security in your absence. The house sitter will care for your pets just as you would by taking them for walks, feeding them at their usual times, grooming them, and most importantly, the house sitter will give them lots of love and cuddles whilst you are away.  We follow their normal regime and offer compassion and the experience to deal with any situation, we specialise with nervous or timid animals that require a lot of understanding, patience and attention. 

Our house sitters are personally interviewed and carefully screened for their maturity and reliability to match them as closely as possible to your particular requirements. We look for people with a love for animals, an enthusiasm for caring for homes and a demonstrated awareness of security issues whilst being trustworthy and experienced. All our house sitters have first class personal references.

Pet Cremations

When the time comes to say goodbye to your pet it is never easy, we are here to provide a personal, caring a supportive service.

We treat your pets with the same dignity and respect in death, that they deserved in life.  Our sympathetic and guaranteed individual cremation or a group cremation service for your pet will be carried out at our local pet crematorium.  The choice of how you wish to say goodbye is your pet is yours and we will completely respect your decision.

There is a wide choice of caskets and urns for your pet’s ashes, which are returned to you in a tasteful presentation box.  If there is anything in particular you wish to have, please let us know and we can arrange this for you.

We also offer a range of memorials for your house or garden which can be engraved with your personal message.

We collect your pet from your home, or your vet and take them direct to the Crematorium.  We will return your pets ashes to you at home.

All ashes will be returned with a signed guarantee that they are your pet.

Animal Ambulance / Pet Taxi

Transporting your pet safely is extremely important, whether you need your dog taking to the groomer, your cat to the vet or moving your pets to a new address.

Our Animal Ambulances / Pet Taxis’ have been designed with safety, welfare and comfort in mind; to ensure a safe and efficient journey for your pets.  Both vehicles are all approved by the DEFRA Welfare in Transport and qualify for both long and short journeys, as required by European Law.

The vehicles are fitted with fully reflective animal ambulance livery, ventilation either on the roof or sides and they have specially designed and bespoke animal accommodation including escape hatches and veterinary grade construction.  Each vehicle carries pet first aid equipment, pet carriers, hygiene and cleaning solutions, leads, muzzles, operator safety kit, and extras such as spare vetbed, towels etc.

We are pet first aid and pet handling trained, and receive further training at an RCVS accredited veterinary hospital practice. Our skills include handling and administering medications.

Our Animal Ambulances / Pet Taxis can be booked by pet owners, veterinary surgeries, animal charities and veterinary referral units for routine, non-urgent and emergency pet transport.